Question: Guru, sometimes you say that certain people do very good meditation. Can you tell us how the people who meditated best today did it?

Sri Chinmoy: Not everybody meditates with the same standard every day, but I will tell you how those who did best today meditated so if you want to try their way, you can also meditate well. X meditated best. When she meditated, I saw her soul’s integral identification with my highest consciousness inside her fully surrendered heart. Second came X. She merged totally into my dynamic flood of Compassion-Light and my inner Beauty’s glory. Third was X. He entered most devotedly into my all-fulfilling Consciousness with a divine child’s purity, loving surrender and certainty. Next was X. He meditated with his heart’s most intense inner cry to offer himself entirely in the service of the Supreme, with the inner assurance of becoming a chosen instrument of the Supreme.