Question: Guru, there is a thought that inspires me and I would like to know if I could meditate on it. Sometimes I think of you as a child who is playing with me, and that I am a child too. Is that OK?

Sri Chinmoy: If you think that I am a divine child and you are playing with me, that is an excellent way of seeing me because at that time, my inner purity will enter into you. I always say God is an eternal Child. If you see me in the form of a child, in a childlike consciousness, it is very important that you also feel that you are a child. You have to put both of us at the same level — two children playing in the garden. You must feel that you are a child and I am a child with all divine and innocent qualities. Don’t think of yourself as an adult with a mind, or many thoughts or ideas. Also, do not think of yourself as a father and me as a divine child with whom you are playing. No, this is all wrong; there will be no balance. One is in the mind and one is in the heart. But if you can see and feel yourself as a child with only a heart, and feel that I am a child with only a heart, then two hearts are being blended into one and that is a very good form of meditation.