Question: Is it wrong to expect some result from our meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: After you pray and meditate you may think that you must get something from God. You have had a good, good meditation, so you are expecting a little bit of Peace or Light. When you expect, the force of your expectation creates an unconscious pull, an inner pull. You are trying to give something — your love, your devotion, your surrender — and at the same time you are trying to achieve something. But when you think of achieving while you are giving, you don’t get any joy. You get the greatest joy only when you do not try to achieve something while you are giving.

The moment you have meditated well, try to feel that that is already your achievement. If you have meditated well, the Supreme is pleased but you also have to feel that the Supreme will give you the result in His own Way. Otherwise, what you expect may not be God’s Will.

A real aspirant, when he starts meditating, will not cry for the result; he will cry for self-offering during his highest meditation. If he cries for the result, mentally he is imagining something. Even if he imagines some spiritual entity, there is a subtle demand for a result, and his meditation will be lower than if he had meditated only in pure self-offering.