Question: Why doesn't God make all our meditations equally good?

Sri Chinmoy: You don’t have a good meditation every day, in spite of your best intentions. Some days you get up and meditate early in the morning at your proper time but real meditation does not come. Then, instead of cursing yourself or cursing your Master, you should simply say: “Oh, perhaps this is what the Supreme wants. Perhaps the Supreme wants me to have this experience.” You must feel this consciously. You are trying your best to meditate well, but unfortunately your meditation is not at all satisfactory. So you have to feel, “I am trying my best. Now it is up to Him to give me the best meditation or the worst meditation.” But please remember that your own aspiration and your will to meditate regularly and punctually at a particular hour are still of greatest importance. You know that it is a necessity for the body to eat, but you can’t eat the most delicious food every day. Your wife may cook extremely well, but if she does not give you the most delicious food every day, what will you do? Should you get angry? No! At that time you feel that she had something more important to do for you than cook. Similarly, you should feel that if the Supreme has not given you a good meditation on a particular day, He is thinking of doing something very great for you in some other way. Instead of getting angry with Him, have faith in Him and feel that He is giving you some different experiences.

In your wife’s case, her whole existence is inside you. If she cannot give you most delicious food, she will do something else to please you, to make you happy. In God’s case, if God does not give you a good meditation today, He will give you something else which is equally important or more important. A person we love has every right to please us in various ways; otherwise we become bored. Today, through meditation, God is pleasing you, tomorrow, through dedication, he will please you, and the day after tomorrow, He will please you in still another way. He wants to fulfil Himself in and through you every day. But He has every right to change His means of doing it. If you have a fixed menu and say, “This meal is good; I will eat it every day,” after a few days you will be sick of it. It is the same thing with divine food. There should always be variety.