Question: Is there anything specific I can do to have a good meditation every day?

Sri Chinmoy: Please feel that there is only one person on earth whom we can call our Dearest, and that person is God. God has to be our Dearest to the end of our lives and throughout Eternity. If we do not know what Eternity is, we can be forgiven. But we know what our life span is. So, if everyday we can renew our love of God and our faith in God, then I tell you that every day we are bound to do the best meditation.

Why do people fail to have their best meditation everyday? The main reason is that they fail to renew their love for God, their faith in God, their surrender to God. Love, devotion, surrender — this is the way. Each morning we have to first inscribe in our heart with golden letters the words ‘love, devotion, surrender’. Every day when we start meditating we have to feel that with our whole heart we are offering ourselves to God. The day we entered the spiritual life, we offered our existence to God, it is true. But that offering was not complete and unconditional. And even today’s offering is not complete. But tomorrow, or in the near or distant future, this offering is bound to be complete.

You have to offer your whole existence to the Supreme as if you are placing a flower on a shrine. You have to feel that your limbs, hands and feet are like the petals of a flower. When you feel that your whole body has become a rose or a lotus, then offer it to the Supreme. If some of you do not use the term ‘Supreme’, then offer it to God, or to Christ or to anybody whom you call your Beloved, whom you regard as your Highest, your Supreme.

In the spiritual world it is obligatory to keep the colours blue, gold and green inside us. When we have blue, we enter into Infinity; when we have gold we enter into a higher realisation and manifestation, and when we have green, we enter into a valiant new life. Therefore, every day we try to wear these colours within. When we are wearing them we will see that our love, devotion, surrender and all other divine qualities are bound to come to the fore. And then we will become the heart’s flower, the flower of inner beauty, the flower of inner divinity, the flower of transcendental reality.

This advice is bound to bring you the message of spiritual progress and inner success. Please invoke your divine qualities every day, early in the morning, and you will see that there can be no dry deserts in your inner life.