Question: When we are learning to meditate, what sort of questions should we ask?

Sri Chinmoy: There are several questions a seeker should ask himself when he is learning to meditate. "How should I meditate?" "Why do I want to meditate?" "What kind of meditation do I want?" "What do I expect to do when I meditate?" "How sincerely have I accepted the spiritual life?" "How much time am I prepared to spend?" When we have the highest form of meditation, however, we do not have to ask any questions. The best form of meditation is to transcend the mind. Right now from the mind we are getting good and bad thoughts, but a day will come when we have to enter into the highest Truth. At that time we shall not allow any thought or question to enter into us.

If you feel that you are a beginner, you should control your mind. You should try to be alert, with your eyes open, and focus all your attention on the heart. If your aim is just to have a little peace of mind or a little harmony in your family, the conscious will of your heart is all that is needed for the time being.

If you have meditated for a number of years and feel that you are not a beginner at all, then only your dynamic will to reach your Goal will help you. If you say, "I want to have the highest meditation so that I can realise God the Absolute," meditate on your heart. But you will have to spend quite a few hours daily in the highest meditation if your goal is to realise the Highest. When you meditate, how can you stop the functioning of your mind? Try to consciously lose your individuality and personality. If you can consciously lose them, the soul of your meditation will take care of the illumination of your life's aspiration. Only illumination will breathe in you and around you.