Question: I would like to know what teaching you give for obtaining a good state of meditation.

Sri Chinmoy: There is no hard and fast rule. There is not one kind of meditation that everybody has to do. You have to meditate according to your development and according to the needs of your soul. Each patient has his own medicine; each individual has his own way of meditation.

Whenever a disciple of mine comes to me and says he has not yet discovered his way of meditating, if I see that he is sincere, I tell him to come and see me. I meditate with him first for a few minutes, and then I tell him how to meditate. The meditation is meant only for that person. It is given in strict confidence. If that person tells others I won't be the loser; it is he who will be the loser. Each person must go his own way during his meditation because each one has a particular role, a special mission on earth to fulfil. In God's divine Lila, His cosmic Play, everybody cannot play the part of a king or queen. But each one has been allotted a particular part. And to perform that part one has to meditate according to his own inner necessity.

Some seekers feel that what they actually need is love and devotion for God. They feel that to enter into the mental world, to approach God through the mind, is a waste of time. These seekers pray with the heart. But there may be others who like to pray with the mind. Basically, if somebody wants to be very intimate with God, like a child with his mother, then he has to approach through the heart. If one wants the knowledge and wisdom of God, if one wants to know what is happening on which plane and so forth, he has to approach with the mind.

When one has reached God, when one has God, the path ends. At that time we do not say, "I came through this path and he came through that path." Once we are in God's Consciousness we get the benefit of all the paths. That is to say, if I follow the path of devotion and you follow the path of the mind, when we have reached the ultimate Goal, we get the same thing. But according to our propensity we should follow a particular path. There are various ways. You have to go your way and I have to go my way. But ultimately we reach the same goal.