Question: I would like you to teach me that mantra.

Sri Chinmoy: When I was a student I had to study French. One of my sisters was very fond of me and at the same time she used to cut jokes with me. We had to learn a French poem, about twelve lines. I was the youngest, so naturally I was bragging, boasting, "Look, I can do it!" My sister also knew French well. She said, "No, you can never do it." So I said, "Look, I will read twice any poem that you give me. Then I will show you that I know it." She brought the book, and picked out a very difficult poem of sixteen lines. She said, "Now you have to prove that you read it just twice. You have to read it out loud, otherwise how can I know how many times you are reading it inwardly?" I said, "First give me a minute. When I start reading I will read it out twice, but before that you have to give me time to concentrate." So in front of her I concentrated. Then I said, "Now give me the poem." She brought it and I read it just twice and then I recited it. She was very pleased, and then she said, "Now teach me." I said, "I am not the person to teach you."

The difficulty is that unless and until you are commanded by the inner being, or by God, you cannot tell these things. My sister is my dearest, but I cannot tell her because I am forbidden. In other things I can give my whole life for my sister, but this I am not permitted to tell. Once I gave this mantra to one of my friends, a most ordinary friend. He was a student, but he found it very difficult to memorise. He was very dull, so I taught him, gave him this knowledge. God asked me, otherwise I could not have done it.