Question: How can we meditate better each time?

Sri Chinmoy: You know that each time you take exercise your muscles become stronger and stronger. If you can do one push-up one day, the next day you will try to make it two push-ups, and then you go on and on increasing daily. You come to thirty or forty push-ups. Then a time will come when you can do fifty. Let us say fifty is your maximum, that is your highest. Then what will happen? The Grace of the Supreme will allow you to make it fifty-one. You see the world records in the Olympics. They are all broken. The Olympic record of four years ago is shattered like a piece of glass. So you should practice every day to transcend your previous achievement.

If you want to make your meditation better, you have to feel a need, a divine need. You have to know how close you want to become to God. You have to have the inner cry to be inside His Consciousness all the time, to be totally merged in Him. If you have that kind of feeling, then try to feel that today you are a hundred steps away from your Goal, and that tomorrow you will be only ninety-nine steps away.