Question: Is meditation our duty?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. We should try to feel our daily duty to the Supreme's mission in our morning meditation. All our activities should be directed towards our supreme duty. When you are at work in the outer world, during the day, you have to feel that it is your duty to aspire. You have to know how many minutes you are in a divine consciousness. It is your duty to work and support yourself and pay attention to your household responsibilities. But this is not enough. This is your human duty. If while you are working your mind, your consciousness, is on God, then you are thinking of the divine duty. When divine thought and divine action go together, divine thought will act like a pioneer; it is immediately followed by action. Immediately duty is performed. You have to feel your outer actions are inspired by divine thought, divine knowledge, divine Light. Then it will be divine duty. Otherwise it is only a waste of time from the spiritual point of view.