Question: But can we use AUM to enter into the formless?

Sri Chinmoy: You not only can, but also must do this. You know that in music you can sense the finite and also the Infinite. The finite, which is the form of the music, is what you use to enter into your music. Once you have entered through the finite, you will feel that the music is taking you to the Infinite. But you are starting with the finite. So also in your spiritual life, if you start with the name of God, it helps a lot. After a few years or so you need no longer utter God's name, you enter into the consciousness itself. When we are in our deepest meditation, we do not utter the name of the Supreme or God or anybody. At that time, we simply exist in our oneness with Him.

In our deepest meditation, God sees our aspiration and at that time we do not have to ask for Peace or Light. We need not utter the name of God, because He knows what we are crying for. As a mother knows what a child is crying for, so also when we are in our deepest meditation, God, who is our Mother and our Father, knows what we need.