Question: How should we meditate on the picture of a spiritual Master?

Sri Chinmoy: When we meditate in front of the picture of a spiritual Master, we should try always to identify ourselves with the consciousness of the spiritual Master which is embodied in the particular picture. If we want to identify ourselves with his consciousness, then the first thing we have to do is to concentrate on the whole picture. Gradually, we should bring our focus of attention to only the face, then to between the eyebrows and a little above, which is where his actual inner, spiritual wealth can be found. This is the third eye, the place of vision, and the moment we can identify ourselves with the vision of inner reality, we shall achieve the greatest success.

If you want to get purity as you look at the picture, imagine that you are breathing in simultaneously with the Master for five minutes before you start your meditation. You should feel that he is also breathing — the Master and disciple must breathe in together for five minutes.