Question: While meditating I sometimes feel that my body is moving rhythmically, but when I open my eyes I see that I am not moving at all.

Sri Chinmoy: This is a very good experience. The movement that you feel is in the inner world, in your subtle body. When you open your eyes you become aware of your physical consciousness. The reality has not yet manifested itself in the physical nor does it need to manifest itself. If you feel that you are flying while you are meditating, you don't have to manifest this movement in the physical. A bird and an aeroplane can both fly, but their consciousness is not higher than yours.

If you feel abundant Peace within you, then immediately try to manifest it in your eyes, in your physical consciousness. If you feel Light, try to manifest it. Very few people have Peace here on earth. If you have Peace, immediately you are solving the problems of the entire world when you bring Peace into the outer world, when you manifest Peace. The world needs Peace, the world needs Love, the world needs Joy, the world needs all divine qualities.

In the subtle body I can fly, but I do not need to fly on the physical plane; a bird and an aeroplane can perform that task. My joy is to see and feel Peace, Light and Bliss and bring them to the fore in my outer life. By manifesting these divine qualities I can be of great help to mankind and fulfil God.