Question: On different occasions I have seen red, white, blue and yellow lights. Could you please explain the significance of these?

Sri Chinmoy: Red is the dynamic aspect of God, the divine power which you are seeing inside yourself. When the red colour of Divinity's Power enters into you, you are energised; power flows through you.

Now white is the colour of purity. When you see white all around you and above you, you will feel your whole physical existence inundated with purity. You are not impure, but when you see white, in your whole existence, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, you become pure. When you see a pale blue colour, try to feel that Infinity is entering into your aspiring consciousness. We cannot think of Infinity as just a term in our mind. Our mind will imagine a great distance, expand it a little farther, and then stop. But when we aspire with our soul, we can really expand our consciousness into Infinity itself. Infinity goes on expanding like a bird spreading its wings endlessly. When you see blue, try to feel that your consciousness is expanding into Infinity, and Infinity is entering into your aspiring consciousness. This pale blue colour is the favourite colour of India's greatest spiritual Master, Lord Krishna.

Now what you may call yellow, if you use your inner vision, is really golden. This golden colour comes from the highest realm of Consciousness. At times, when you see this golden colour in the field of manifestation, it is absolutely red, whereas if you go to the source, it is all gold. Manifestation takes place here, in the earth-consciousness, not above. This golden colour is the colour of manifestation when it starts in the highest plane. Then when it touches earth, it becomes red. Visions of colour come for two reasons: real aspiration and Grace from the deities and from the highest Absolute.

In India we have a goddess called Kali, Mahakali. I am most fond of this Mother-aspect of God. When she enters into the vital world of human beings, which is full of emotion and turmoil, her golden colour becomes red, because she is destroying all imperfections, limitations and wrong forces in our lives. What you see in the psychic world as purely gold, in the vital world you will see as red.

Each aspirant has what you call in the West a guardian angel. God is always there, but each of us also has one or more presiding deities. In your case, when you see light you have to feel that some angels are showing you the light to protect you, guide you and lead you.

I cannot say anything about the angels since I do not even know their names, but in your Indian incarnations, Kali was your presiding deity. Those who have had Indian incarnations are bound to have an Indian presiding deity. According to Indians, there are gods and demi-gods, apart from the one absolute God. "As many souls, so many gods." Your presiding deity, from the Indian spiritual point of view, is Kali, since the Power-aspect of the Supreme is predominant in your nature. This does not mean that you will not love humanity or God's creation. You will offer love and joy, but you will express love for humanity through dynamic power. Love is absolutely pure, but here it is being expressed through power. One can also express power through love.