Question: Would you please speak about the aura seen in meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation has nothing to do with auras. Each individual human being has an aura which you may see during your meditation, but you may also see your aura during concentration or even during sleep. There is no direct connection between meditation and the aura, but while you are meditating you are in perfect peace and it becomes easier for you to see your aura. A spiritual person can enable you to see your aura, or you can do it in your own meditation, but there is no direct link between meditation and the aura.

The first time one of my disciples came to me she thought she saw my aura while I was standing in front of her. I have to be frank: it was her own aura that she saw in her spiritual Master. She became part of my consciousness and her aura was reflected in my body.

If one does see the aura there is no harm; it inspires the seeker and gives him great joy. But to waste one's time in search of an aura is nothing short of stupidity.