Question: About four years ago, when I came in contact with this philosophy, I dreamt that I saw a tent descending from Heaven. In the tent there was a man from India. I saw his face, and he had a lighted candle in his hands. Does this dream mean that I have to meet that person or that he had something to do with me in another life?

Sri Chinmoy: This spiritual man had previous links with you. In India, we know and believe that each human being has a special connection with some spiritual figures besides God. We call them presiding deities. You have more than one presiding deity observing your day-to-day activities. You do not see them, but they are observing you and guiding you. The spiritual figure you saw is one of those who are helping you in life. He was kind enough, or you were in a very high state of consciousness, so he appeared to you as a human being from the inner plane.