Question: Guru, I heard somewhere that if we only meditate on the higher chakras in our body, then in our next life our lower chakras will try to pull us down?

Sri Chinmoy: Do not think of the higher chakras or lower chakras. Since you are following my path and not the path of the Kundalini, do not give undue importance to the Kundalini path. Kundalini Yoga is a very powerful Yoga, no doubt, but since our path is the path of love, devotion and surrender, you should pray to the Supreme with your heart's divine love, divine devotion and surrender. If you are sometimes tempted to arouse your chakras, then it is advisable to concentrate on the heart chakra, Anahata, which is safe. But if you concentrate on the navel chakra or the other chakras below the navel, and if you are not pure, then you will run into tremendous difficulty and danger. It is like playing with fire. But if your heart chakra is opened up by your sincere cry and by God's Grace, then boundless light can descend into those other chakras and naturally you will be purified. Then if you get the respective powers from those chakras, there will be no problem.

Since you are following my path, do not give any importance to the Kundalini Yoga. If you realise God, then He is bound to give you infinite Power if He feels that you are the right person to utilise it for Him. The Kundalini is like a mango tree. You would like to get two or three mangoes to eat to your satisfaction. But if you want to pluck these mangoes with your own capacity and without the full approval of the owner, then the owner may be very displeased with you. But if you take permission from the owner, then you can eat to your heart's content.

Besides Kundalini power there is also spiritual power. Spiritual power is the power of oneness, inseparable oneness with God the Infinite. This power is infinitely stronger than any Kundalini power. This feeling of inseparable oneness with each human being and with the Universal Consciousness has infinitely more Peace, Light and Bliss than the power that any chakra in Kundalini Yoga can give you.

Surrender to God is the aim of our Yoga. If you can surrender your will to the Will of the Supreme, then only will you be really satisfied. To open up the navel centre or heart centre is not your aim. Your aim is to satisfy God in His own Way. If He is satisfied with you, then naturally He will also try to satisfy you in return. In this world only an absolutely undivine person will remain indebted to you. If a friend does something for you, immediately your conscience will inspire you to help him back. It is not that you will feel that it is beneath your dignity to remain indebted to someone. No. It is a spontaneous feeling. He has established his oneness with you, that is why he has helped you when you were in need of help. By offering your help to that person, naturally you will get tremendous joy and establish your oneness.

When we offer our aspiration to the Supreme, we give Him what we have. But when we go deep within, we see that we have actually received this aspiration-power from the Supreme. But most of the time we don't go deep within; we feel that aspiration is our own power. Let us offer our aspiration-power to the Supreme; then He will give us what He has. What He has is Power. He will give us His infinite Peace, Light and Bliss.

So please do not pay attention to the opening of the chakras. I assure you that if the Supreme, the Inner Pilot, feels that it is necessary for you to have the chakras opened up, then He will do it. The most important thing is to pray and meditate and please the Supreme in His own Way. You want satisfaction; we all want satisfaction. But when it is a matter of abiding satisfaction, then I wish to say that surrender to the Will of the Supreme is the only answer.