Question: If you chant the name of someone in silence, does that feed their soul?

Sri Chinmoy: To be very frank with you, if you chant somebody's name when they are asleep, it won't have any effect. Even though you are chanting with all your love, affection and concern for that person, you may not be able to identify yourself with his soul. His soul may be somewhere else, in some region which you cannot enter and become one with. But in my case, I can do it. Wherever the soul is, whichever plane of consciousness it is on, I can go and enter there at that time. Only if you can become one with the other person's soul does chanting the name become effective. When I make my fervent request to you to repeat a particular disciple's name for some reason, at that time, as your spiritual leader, I take all of you inside my heart, in the inmost recesses of my heart. If I am not involved, then what you can do is repeat the name of the Supreme. Since I am your spiritual father, you can also repeat your Guru's name, because your Guru identifies himself with you. The Supreme is all the time within you, whereas a friend's or relative's soul is not always inside you. The Supreme's Soul is inside you, and your soul and the other person's soul are in the Supreme. So if you repeat the name of the Supreme quite a few times and offer your prayer to the Supreme, then you will get the most immediate result in your prayer, for the Supreme will do the needful.