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Question: What is the relationship between the Guru's soul and the disciple's soul? Are they one?

Sri Chinmoy: I have a soul and you have a soul, but in what sense are they one? When you love me with all your heart and soul, when you devote your entire life to me, when you surrender your whole existence to me, then we become totally one; we fully merge. The drop enters into the ocean and becomes the ocean itself. So on the strength of absolute love, complete self-giving, one-pointed devotion and unconditional surrender, the Guru's soul and the disciple's soul become totally one. When the disciple's self-giving becomes constant, at that time the Guru sees himself constantly through the disciple's heart and soul, and the disciple sees himself through the Guru.

When you look at my Transcendental picture, you will see your own highest Existence. My Transcendental picture is your own existence in its highest form. But right now, this Existence is not at your command. It is at my command because I am a realised soul. When you are also realised, when you become totally one with me, then you will not be able to separate my Transcendental Consciousness from your consciousness.

But right now it is not like that. Sometimes you try to enter into me with fear, or with some doubt in your mind. Or sometimes you feel that I am acting like a judge, an autocrat. You feel that if you are doing something wrong, then I will punish you, and if you are doing something nice, then I shall love you. But this is the wrong approach. You should have only the feeling of total oneness. The Guru's soul and the disciple's soul are really one only when the disciple loses his sense of individuality and personality. The disciple becomes one with the Guru on the strength of his utmost humility in the physical, in the vital, in the mental, and in the psychic. He becomes one with the Guru's soul through utmost humility. If humility is there, then the Guru's soul can never be separated from the disciple's soul.