Question: Guru, were all your disciples destined to come to you in this incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: In most cases it was destined that you would come to me. There are many souls who have been connected with me in previous incarnations, and there are quite a few whom I knew in the soul's region — friends, admirers and others. Here on earth they started to aspire, so they looked for me.

Today at the United Nations, the friend of a disciple said to me, "When I come here I get joy from you, but I have accepted someone else as my Guru." His soul is pulling him towards me, but his vital is pulling him away. I didn't encourage him. I only told him to stay with his Guru.

Not all souls are meant for me. But most of the souls that have come to me are meant for me, even those that have left, except for one or two whom the Supreme didn't want me to have and whom He took away in His own Way. He will take care of those people, but the others will have to wait for me to give them a push again. Disciples who have left may leave me on the physical plane, but on the inner plane their souls remain with me. There they are my real disciples.