Question: But when disciples come to you, do you already see that they will go up very high or fall down, or is it all open?

Sri Chinmoy: In some cases I definitely know, and in other cases I deal with possibility. In some cases I can totally break and mould them. There, as the Christ said, "I am the Way and the Goal." In these cases I know the outcome. In other cases, I am only the way, and then I am dealing with possibility. Here my grace, the Light of the Supreme, gives the fastest progress according to the disciple's capacity. In most of the cases, I am the way. But in some cases I know that I am also the Goal. Where I am the Goal, I totally break those individuals and mould and shape them. But mine is not my way; it is the Supreme's own Way.

Why with some do I break their mould and make my own impression on them, whereas with others I will leave the speed either slow or fast, according to my own grace? In the cases where I break, the disciples have come to a position where they were able to accept that kind of breaking. Someone may want to become a first-class disciple, but if I ask that person to do something, he will say, "Oh, what will my father think, what will my mother think?" But if I ask the other disciple, there will be no father, no mother — only cheerful obedience.

When we started here, we gave the same chance to everyone. When I accept someone as a disciple, each person starts from the same starting point. But some run very fast, and others do not run fast at all.