How To Play With A Turtle

One day an old man and his grandson were walking together. They walked a very long distance on a village road. All of a sudden, the little boy saw a turtle. He grabbed the turtle and wanted the turtle's head to come out so that he could watch it and play with it. But while the boy was playing, the turtle drew its head entirely inside its shell.

The little boy said to his grandfather, "I cannot play with the turtle now. His head is inside somewhere." The boy was miserable.

The grandfather said, "My child, let us take it home."

"Why do we have to take it home?" asked the boy. "I cannot play with it. When the head is out, then I will enjoy it. Now I will not enjoy it."

The grandfather simply said, "All right. Let me take it home." He held the turtle and brought it home. Inside the house, the grandfather placed it near a warm oven.

When the turtle became warm, it automatically raised its head out of the shell. The grandfather said to his dear grandson, "Now you can play with the turtle!"

"How did you do it? How did you do it?" exclaimed the little boy.

Lovingly, the grandfather answered, "Earlier the turtle was so cold, he was shivering. That is why, when the turtle saw you, he got frightened and put his head inside his shell. Then I warmed up the turtle and now he is ready to play with you."

In life, if we want to play with someone, we have to warm them up first. Then they become our friends and are very happy to play with us.