The Secret Of A Worry-Free Man

There was a man who was worry-free. One day a friend of his asked him, "How is it that you do not have any worries or anxieties?"

The man said, "I know how to deal with worries and anxieties. You people do not know how to deal with worries and anxieties. That is why you suffer."

The friend said to him, "Then please, please teach us. Tell us your secret!"

He said, "All my worries and anxieties I write down on pieces of paper. Then what do I do? I put them in a box and tell myself that on Saturday I will deal with them. On other days I will not deal with worries and anxieties at all.

"Only on Saturdays will I open up the box and pick up a few worries. I see that by then most of my worries have gone away. Only one or two are left. Then I put them back into the box and say to myself, 'These couple of worries I can deal with next week.'

"In the meantime, during the following week, when new worries are coming, again I put them into the box. Then the following Saturday, once again, most of the ones I pick up are no longer worries!

"Always keep a fixed day to deal with worries. You will see that by that day so many worries have disappeared. You will pick them up on that day, and the one or two that remain, you simply put back. When the following week comes, you find that the few old worries have also gone away."

In life, it is always good to have a special time to deal with problems. When that time comes, most of the problems will have already gone away.