The Man Who Never Pays Any Bills

One man was very, very wise or very, very clever. He kept all his old and new bills, but he did not pay any of them. A friend of his who saw what he was doing asked him, "How do you remain happy? You have so many bills and yet you do not pay any of them."

The man said, "I keep them. I keep them and I cherish them."

His friend asked, "You cherish your bills without paying any of them?"

"Yes, I love them."

"What do you do?" asked the friend. "You do not feel miserable that you are not paying anything?"

"No," the man answered. "I handle all of them. I truly like all of them."

"Then afterwards, what do you do when new bills come?"

"The old bills I throw away without paying! New bills I collect and again put them together to become old. Then I throw them away."

The friend demanded, "What is this? Will the companies not sue you?"

The man said, "I have a very shrewd lawyer. My lawyer takes care of it."

"Your lawyer will take care of it, even though you are not paying the bills? Your lawyer will not charge you any money? He has to defend you because of all the bills that you have not paid!"

The man said, "He will not be able to charge me, because I am my own lawyer. I deal with everything myself. I do not have to depend on other lawyers because I know how to defend myself."

People who are rogues remain rogues to the end.