The Businessman Finds Happiness In Smiles

A businessman was very, very rich. Unlike other rich men, he was very kindhearted. Always he was giving away money, offering charity, helping his friends and serving others through many self-giving deeds. Compared to other businessmen, this man was a real exception. He kept next to nothing of his own money for his own needs. Whatever extra he earned through his business, he gave away.

The man's business was really prospering. One day, a friend of the businessman asked him, "Can you not keep a little more money for yourself?"

The businessman replied, "That I cannot do. Whatever little I need, I take. The other money that I have earned, I am giving away, because I do not need any extra. I want people to be happy. There are so many people who are very, very poor. When I have money and I spend it, I do get joy. But when others are using my money and getting joy, I get so much more joy.

"When I walk along the street in the morning, if I see all sad faces, then I feel miserable. Instead, now I am seeing that these people are becoming happy with my money. I am seeing so many smiling faces. Along Eternity's Road, if I can make people happy, then I am the happiest person. My happiness does not depend on money. It is only in giving and in becoming one with others' joy. Happiness for me is to see another person's smiling face and satisfied heart."

This businessman learned that he could be very, very happy by making others happy. He was a businessman, but he was also a deeply spiritual man. He was doing his business and depending fully on God's Grace.