The Priest Sees Jesus Christ Inside The Crazy Lady

At the railway station there were many, many people. One elderly lady was screaming at the priest at the top of her lungs, "Father, stop here! Answer my questions! You always talk and talk about God. Have you found God yourself? Have you seen God? We simple people do not talk about God. We do not say anything about knowing God or seeing God. When we commit sins, we tell you people all about them. Do you tell your sins to someone?"

The priest said, "Yes, we also confess."

The old lady replied, "When we commit sins and confess, we tell you people and we mean it. We are very sincere, simple people. When you confess your sins, it is not sincere. You feel that you are always right. You are absolutely perfect!"

The priest said, "All right! Tell me this. When people miss something or lose something, they try to find it. Do you not miss God? Do you not have to find God? In my case, Christ is not missing at all, so I do not have to find Him."

The lady said, "Prove that you have found God!"

"I can see God, but you are blind! Inside your heart, I can see the living Jesus Christ."

Very surprised, the lady asked, "You see the living Jesus Christ in me?"

The priest replied, "Yes! Now am I seeing you as the Christ Himself. For me, you are the Christ."

Suddenly the lady became very calm and quiet. The priest added, "When we lose something, we try to find it. In my case, I do not have to look for God, because I find Him everywhere. In you, I see so much Light. Now you have become my destination, because for me you are the Christ.

"Again, I must reach a new destination. I am going now. Please allow me to enter into the train, and then I can arrive at my new destination."

The crazy lady was pleased that the priest saw her as Jesus Christ, so she allowed him to continue to his next destination.