I Want To Defeat God

Balzac lived a very, very simple life. He had almost an austere life. Always he was wearing the same white robe, the same shoes and the same old belt. He never, never wore anything new.

One day a friend asked him, "How is it that you are living such an austere life? You are earning enough money. Why do you not buy some new clothes?"

Balzac replied, "When do I have time to buy new clothes? I want to defeat God. God created for six days, and then He took rest. In my case, I do not want to take any rest. I want to work seven days a week, every hour and every minute. This is the only way that I can create more than God does. If I spend my time buying this and that, then my creation will suffer. The best thing for me is to create non-stop and defeat God. I do not have to wear new clothes or even nice clothes. My joy is in my creation."