The Most Important Profession

A very old priest and a middle-aged man happened to be at a restaurant. They were sitting side by side, and the priest asked the middle-aged man, "By the way, what is your name?"

The man said, "My name is David."

The priest asked, "What is your occupation?"

"My occupation is Christianity," replied David.

"What, Christianity is an occupation?"

"Yes. My occupation is Christianity."

The priest said, "I am very serious. Please tell me what your occupation is."

"I am embarrassed to tell you," answered David.

The priest said, "Why? Why? Is there anything that you do which is illegal or undivine?"

The man said, "No, it is not illegal. It is not undivine."

"Then why are you so embarrassed?"

Finally the man said, "I am an undertaker."

"An undertaker?" asked the priest.

"When people die, I take care of them."

"Such a wonderful profession!" exclaimed the priest. "How many people would dare to have that profession? People like to be executives. People like to shine in something. But when people die and you help them to go to Heaven, is it not the most laudable profession? I am telling you, my son, of all the professions that we have, yours is the most important."

The undertaker bowed to the priest and was extremely happy.