God Begs The Man To Pray

A watchman was guarding a church, when a man who was not properly dressed came by. He wanted to enter the church.

The guard stopped the man and asked, "What are you doing here? You are so dirty and filthy!"

The man answered, "I am not coming to pray. I am here to clean the church."

"All right, you can go in to clean. But remember, you are only allowed to clean the church and then you must come out. You are not allowed to pray!"

The man went inside the church and did all his cleaning. As he was coming out, God came up to him and said, "My son, can you not do Me a big favour? Can you not pray here? All these people inside the church are fast asleep. I feel so sad and miserable. These people came here to pray to Me, and now they are in deep slumber. Can you please pray now?"

The man immediately started praying. The guard noticed that it was taking the man a long time to do his work. When the guard found the man, he saw that the man was praying. "I told you that you are not allowed to pray here!" the guard screamed at the man. "You are only allowed to clean the church."

The man replied, "What am I going to do? I finished cleaning the church and sincerely wanted to leave, but God stopped me. Since all the people who were supposed to be praying were asleep, God begged me to pray. What could I do?"