The Favourite Son Inherits A Crucifix

An old father was very, very kind. He had four sons. Before leaving the body, he wanted to show all his loving kindness to his sons. To one son, he gave his house. When the father would die, that son would inherit the house. To another son, he gave lots of money. To the third son, the father gave property. Finally, to his fourth child, he said, "Son, I love you the most. I am giving you a crucifix." A short time later, the father died.

After his father's death, the fourth son said, "What is this? One of my brothers got the big house, one got money, and one got property. Father is so bad! He told me that he loves me the most and that is why he gave me a crucifix! What is this — a cruel joke? Father is so bad! I am not going to his funeral! He has really fooled me! He liked me the most, so he gave me a silly crucifix. Yet to each of my brothers he has given something so valuable!"

The fourth son did not even go to his father's funeral. Everyone was unhappy that this son was so ungrateful. He only said over and over, "My father is so mean and so unjust!"

For two weeks, the son's anger was increasing and increasing day by day. He said, "Such a bad father I had! He made fun of me right before he died! I will never even think of him."

The son became more and more furious. He decided to throw the crucifix away. "I will have absolutely nothing to do with this crucifix! I hate my father!"

The son took the crucifix and threw it very hard against the ground. The crucifix broke into many pieces. Immediately shining jewels and most expensive stones fell out. They had been hidden inside the crucifix. These jewels and stones were far more valuable than the money, the house and the property that the other brothers inherited. With these jewels, the son was able to buy many expensive things.

The fourth son finally learned to have faith in his father. Before, he was telling the whole world that his dying father was playing a cruel joke on him. But the son learnt that his father did not lie. His father really claimed him as his nearest and dearest son.