Four Drunkards At The Railway Station

There were hundreds of people at the railway station. A train had just arrived and most of the people were entering into the train. There were four drunkards standing nearby. Unfortunately, they did not have any idea what to do. One kind-hearted station worker was so concerned. He grabbed the drunkards, one by one, and threw them into the train. With great difficulty — one, two, three — the worker threw each of them into a car. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to throw the fourth man into the train, as it was going very fast by then. The kind-hearted man was satisfied that at least he was able to be of service to three of the drunkards. But he felt extremely sorry that he could not throw the fourth drunkard into the train.

The remaining man was lying down on the ground. After about one-half hour, the railway stationmaster came and saw the drunk man's condition. He felt sorry for him and said, "Tonight there are no more trains. Since you are just lying on the cement, please come with me if you want to take a little rest. There is a tiny room in here. You can rest in our room."

By this time, the drunkard had come to his senses. He said, "What is happening? What have I done?"

The station master asked, "What do you mean?"

The man said, "Can you imagine? I was supposed to go somewhere on that train, and my three friends came to see me off! Now my friends have gone away, and I am left here alone!"