God Answers Our Prayers And Far More

A priest had a driver who was very, very devoted to him in every way. The man used to drive the priest everywhere and also serve him in many other ways. The priest was always very pleased with the driver, and they became very close to each other.

When the driver was only 25 years old, all of a sudden he developed severe chest pain. The priest took his driver to the hospital to see what was wrong. Such terrible pain he had! The doctors discovered that the young man had a terminal case of cancer.

The priest felt miserable. He fervently requested all the members of his congregation,"Please, please pray for my driver."

They all said, "Yes! We shall pray. We shall definitely pray for him."

The priest added, "He is such a good driver! He does everything for me." Then he said, "If he does not survive, I will give him a very good funeral and do all kinds of things in his memory. He has been so devoted to me." The members of the congregation all started praying very sincerely.

Every day the priest would go to the hospital to see his driver. One day he went there and the driver was suddenly and completely cured. Then the priest got another surprise. The driver and his nurse, who was very beautiful, had fallen totally in love with each other!

The priest said, "You two are in love! I am so happy. Would you like to get married?"

Both of them were thrilled! The priest said, "I will pay for your wedding." The priest paid for all the costs of the wedding and lovingly officiated at the marriage ceremony as well. The driver started serving the priest again with utmost care and devotion. In time, the driver and his wife had children. Always the priest was giving them money and taking care of them.

One day the priest said to his driver, "I am so grateful to you. How lovingly and self-givingly you have been serving me for so many years! I am also so happy for you. God definitely answers our prayers. We prayed to Him to save your life. Miraculously, God saved your life. What is more, He has given you a wonderful wife and sweeter than the sweetest children. I am so happy and proud that I made the suggestion for you and your wife to get married. Now you and your family are so happy."

The driver said to the priest: "Father, today I have changed my name. My new name is GRATITUDE."

God listens to our prayers. Indeed, out of His infinite Love and Compassion, God grants us far more than what we ask for.