The Old Lady Who Cried Bitterly During The Sermon

An old lady came to listen to the priest's sermon during the morning service. The priest was saying such nice things, and all the people were listening to him very devotedly. They were all deeply appreciating his sermon.

As he was speaking, the priest saw that the old lady was crying bitterly. He stopped the sermon and came up to her. With sincere concern and compassion, he asked, "What has happened? Why are you crying? Have you lost your husband? Have you lost your son or daughter? Why are you so grief-stricken?"

The lady answered, "I have not lost anyone. But I cannot tell you why I am crying."

The priest said, "Why can you not tell me? I am the priest here. So many people will sympathise with you if I tell them why you are suffering and ask them to pray for you. You need consolation, so we shall all pray for you. If you do not want to say what calamity has taken place, I fully understand. In any case, we shall pray for you right now."

The priest said, "Let us all pray for this old lady." They started praying most soulfully for her.

While they were in the midst of their prayers, the old lady asked, "May I tell you why I have been crying and crying?"

The priest answered, "Certainly. Please tell us."

The lady said, "My son is studying to become a priest. When I heard you delivering your sermon, I got the shock of my life. You are giving us such an uninspiring sermon. If my son does not preach better than you, then I am wasting all my precious money on him! That is why I am crying! I pray to God that my son becomes a better preacher than you!"