The Medical Emergency

In the middle of the night, a hospital doctor phoned up his doctor-friend at home. The doctor who was at home knew that there had to be a very serious medical problem for him to be called at that hour.

The hospital doctor said, "Please come right away! Two priests and I are at a bar now, and we desperately need one more person to play cards with us."

The doctor said to his wife, who heard him speaking to the other physician, "My friend is telling me that there is an emergency. I have to go immediately. Two priests are already there to administer the last rites."

The wife said, "Go, go, go!"

Instead of going to the hospital, the doctor went to the bar to play cards. Day began to break, and still he had not returned. His wife had become extremely worried. She said, "Why is my husband not coming home? Is the case so serious?"

A few minutes later, the wife phoned the hospital. A colleague of her husband answered. He was not one of the culprits; he was actually working. The wife started crying when the other doctor answered. He asked her, "Why are you crying?"

The wife replied, "I am crying and crying because my husband has such a good heart. In the middle of the night, he got a call from his colleague saying that a patient was in very serious condition. Two priests were already there to give the last rites. By now I am sure the patient has passed away. My husband is probably consoling the relatives at this moment. Can you try to trace where my husband has gone?"

The doctor said, "What? What are you saying? I have been here since last night, as I was the doctor in charge. There was no emergency at all."

When her husband finally came home later in the morning, the wife asked, "How is the patient?"

The husband sadly moaned, "Oh, he passed away; he passed away!"

"He passed away?" the wife said. "The priests' prayers could not do anything? You and your friend could not do anything? Have you been to the funeral yet? How can you come back so soon from the funeral?" the wife asked.

"The funeral will take place in a few days," answered the husband.

The wife said, "All right! I am waiting for your funeral, your friend's funeral and the two priests' funerals. You go and join the patient! I shall gladly attend all of your funerals."