The Little Girl's Gift To God

A little girl said to her mother, "Christmas is coming, Mother. Every year at Christmas time Santa Claus gives us so many gifts. Now please tell me, where does he get all his gifts for the children?"

The mother said, "Santa Claus gets them all from God."

The little girl said, "From God? Mother, that means we must also give something to God."

The mother replied, "God does not need anything."

"How can that be?" the girl asked. "God gives gifts to Santa Claus and Santa Claus gives us everything. But you have taught me that when we get something from someone, we should give something to them in return. Since God is giving us so much, we should give something to God."

The mother said, "What can we do? How can we give anything to God? We do not see Him. But God definitely gives everything to Santa Claus for the children."

"Mother, I have an idea! You told me that God is on the altar in the church. I want to go and give a present to God. I have only one dollar, and this dollar I want to give to God."

"Very good," replied her mother.

The daughter added, "I am going to the church now to put this dollar on the altar. I am sure God will come and take my money. Tomorrow morning I will check to see if He has taken my dollar."

The mother said, "Definitely! We do not see God, but He sees us. After you put your dollar on the altar, God will come and He will bless you secretly tonight with all His Love and Affection. Then God will take the dollar with Him."

The little girl put her dollar on the altar. The following morning, she went happily and eagerly to the church to see if God had taken her dollar.

The mother was so worried. "What shall I do?" She was praying to God, "Somebody has to take the money away. Otherwise my child will be unhappy and displeased, because she will think You are not accepting her money! She gets so many things from Santa Claus, and Santa Claus gets everything from You. She really wants You to accept her small love offering." The mother was extremely worried. She was praying and praying.

God answered the mother's prayers and came in the form of a priest. Earlier that morning, the priest saw the altar and was so surprised. He asked himself, "Who has placed a dollar here on the altar at this hour?" The priest took the dollar and put it in the church's love offering box.

The mother brought her daughter to church and the little girl started jumping with joy when she saw that God had come and taken away her dollar. The mother said to her daughter, "I told you! We do not see God, but He definitely listens to our prayers. You gave your dollar to God and He came and took it. God is very pleased with you and very proud of you."

Inwardly, the mother had been dying with worries and anxieties. But God did listen to her prayers. The child was so happy that God, Himself, came to take her gift.