The Tie And The Handkerchief

One day a tie and a handkerchief were having an unfortunate dispute. Although the handkerchief did not want to argue, the tie did.

The tie told the handkerchief, "You are useless! You just hide in somebody's pocket, but I show the world how great I am. I make the person very great! I am so dignified, but you are only hiding! The whole world admires me, and you are so insignificant!"

The handkerchief said, "What you are saying makes me so sad. God made me humble. When people shed tears, I wipe them away. People need me and I am so happy to be of service to them. When people are sweating, they take me out of their pockets to wipe their brow. When they cough, they use me. Then again, when they are finished with me, they put me back. I want to be always a humble servitor."

The tie replied, "You are truly useless! Look at how people appreciate and admire me. As soon as someone wears me, I get the whole world's admiration. I cannot imagine how you can ever be happy."

The handkerchief replied, "I am serving in my own humble, modest way. Yes, I am very happy. If you are happy by drawing attention from the world, then please be happy in your way."

"I am telling you once again, you are worse than useless!" proclaimed the tie.

At that very moment God appeared before them. The tie started telling God, "How great I am! Everyone admires me."

The handkerchief said, "Lord, I am so grateful that you have allowed me to be of service by wiping people's tears, and helping them when they are sweating and coughing. You have given me this golden opportunity to serve You, my Lord. I am so grateful."

The tie was very proud! "I am so great! I draw the whole world's attention."

The tie added, "God, tell us! Who is more important — me or this utterly insignificant handkerchief?"

God said, "My son, my handkerchief is infinitely more important, because he is humble. I created the world for humble service. This is what my handkerchief is doing; whereas, you are not serving humanity. You are only showing off. In my judgement, a handkerchief is infinitely more important than a tie. I want everybody to serve My creation with utmost humility."