The Doctor's Hopeful Assistants

A doctor was looking for an assistant, and many people were coming to him to apply for the job. He asked each person, "What can you do?"

Then the doctor asked each person, "What is your goal?"

The first man said, "If I make money, I will get married and buy a big house for my family."

Another man answered, "My goal is to make lots of money and retire as soon as I can."

The third man said, "I want to save money, so that I can get married and spend lots of money on my wife to keep her always happy."

Each applicant said what he wanted to do and eventually become. The doctor was not at all pleased with any of the applicants. He said, "All right. I will call you if I need you." Then he sent them away.

One day a very young man came to the doctor. The doctor said to him, "What are you doing here? You are not mature enough to be my assistant. You are so young. What do you know about medicine?"

He said, "I know nothing."

"Then why are you looking for a job here?"

"I am looking for a job, because I need money badly. I hope that you will teach me, and that I will be able to please you. Then you will give me some money. That is all I need."

The doctor said, "Now tell me, what is your goal?"

He said, "My goal is like yours — exactly like yours."

"What? Your goal is like mine? You are such a young fellow! What kind of audacity is that?"

He said, "No, I am giving you my frank answer. You may not give me the job, but the truth is that your goal is my goal."

"All right! Tell me! What is our goal?"

"Above your door, you have written, 'Go forward.' My goal is also, 'Go forward. Go forward.' We have exactly the same goal."

The doctor was so pleased! He said, "I will take care of you and teach you everything. I will make you my assistant. I will give you everything. You are the only person who has the same goal as I do: 'Go forward.'" The doctor immediately gave the young man the job.