The Rich Businessman Makes Everyone Happy

Once there was a businessman who was extremely rich. In the evening of his life, when he was very old, he said, "I have so much money! I do not have any relatives. I have no children as I never married. The best thing is for me to give away my money in just the right way."

The man made an announcement stating, "Whoever can show me proof that he owes money to someone can come to me next Saturday. I will pay all of that person's debts. I do not want anybody to remain indebted to anyone else."

The following Saturday arrived. All day long, the businessman was waiting, but no one came. As the day was ending, the businessman said, "I am so surprised and so happy that nobody is in debt! I thought that so many people owed so much money that they could not pay. But today nobody has come."

Late in the evening, an old man came by to ask the businessman to pay his debts. The businessman asked, "Can you prove to me that you owe money?"

The old man replied, "Yes, definitely. A few months ago, I borrowed money from a friend of mine for my daughter's marriage. I can prove that I have taken a loan. Now I am very old. I do hope that, before I die, I will be able to keep my promise and repay my friend."

The businessman said, "Do not worry! I will give you the money. Please take from me the money that you owe. You are such an honest man! Your daughter is married and in the future she will have children. I am giving you extra money for your daughter and grandchildren. Please take the money from me now." The old man could not believe that such a kind-hearted man existed on earth! He thanked the businessman profusely. The old man got the money to pay back his loan, plus more money for his daughter and future grandchildren. He was very happy and grateful.

Next a young girl came to the businessman. She was crying and crying. He said, "My God! What has happened?"

She answered, "My father is in the hospital, and I had to borrow a very large sum of money for his treatment."

"Can you prove it?" he asked.

"Yes, I can. Here are the loan papers that I signed. You can see that I have borrowed so much money. I do not know how I will be able to pay it back. You have said that you will give money to anybody who has taken a loan, but I do not know if it is really true."

The businessman said, "You do not have to worry! You have shown me that you owe money. I am giving you the money."

The girl was beaming with joy.

The businessman said, "Wait! Something else I want to tell you. Two things may happen. Your father is an old man. In the hospital, he may die, or else he will come back home. If he dies, you will need money for the funeral. If your father is cured and comes back home, you will have to take care of him. I am giving you more money. No matter what happens to your father, you will need this money."

The young girl was so deeply moved that she began shedding tears of gratitude.

The following day, many people heard about the good fortune of the old man and the young girl. Previously, nobody believed the businessman. When people came to know that he was keeping his promise, hundreds of people flocked to him.

The businessman said, "Before, you did not believe me. Now, after seeing what others received, you do believe me. I do not want to keep my promise to you people!"

A short while later, however, he changed his mind and said, "On second thought, human beings never trust other people. I will keep my promise."

The businessman gave money to each and every person who came. All the people were showing their papers and telling him their sad stories. To each he gave the money they needed, plus a little more. The people were so happy!

The businessman said, "I have made so many people happy, and I am getting so much joy from their happiness. Now I am renouncing the world. All these people depended on me, and I helped them. From now on, I shall depend only on God. I know that He will lovingly and perfectly fulfil all my needs, now and forever."