Married To God

A nun came up to a priest and said, "Father, Father, I need your advice please. I have a question!"

The priest said most affectionately, "All right. Please ask me your question."

The nun asked, "Father, can a priest marry?"

The priest replied, "Why not?"

The nun was astonished. "How can a priest marry?"

"You see, I am a priest. To marry means what? When you love someone, you marry that person. I love myself. In fact, I love myself more than I love anybody else, so I am married to myself. Again, the real in me is Jesus Christ, so I am married to Him. Since I am married to myself and I am married to God, I am telling you that a priest can definitely marry!"

Then the priest asked the nun, "What about you? Do you want to get married?"

She said, "No, Father. You have taught me that I am already married to the Saviour Christ, so I do not want to get married again."