Paul Proposes And Linda Disposes

One night there was a wild party. Many young boys and girls had fun drinking and dancing. The following day one of the boys wrote:

Dear Linda,

Last night I proposed to you, but I cannot remember whether you said "yes" or "no."

Linda wrote back to the boy:

Dear Paul,

I do not remember who proposed to me, but I do remember that I said "no."

In life, when we pray to God intensely, we always think that God will fulfil our desires. But we never think that the fulfilment of our desires can be disastrous. We pray to God for anything that we feel like having. But if we pray to God for our desire-fulfilment, it is best if we add, "God, if it is Your Will, please give me what I am praying for."

In the ordinary life, we always want to possess someone or something. The boy was in love, but the girl was not; she rejected him. In the case of spiritual people, when we pray to God for something, we have to know that if God does not fulfil our desires, it is for our own progress and for the betterment of our life. In the ordinary life, if a desire is not fulfilled, we feel doomed, because we feel our desire must be fulfilled in our own way. But, in the spiritual life, aspiration-fulfilment has to take place in God's own Way.

We are eager, eager, eager. In the ordinary life, if our desire is not fulfilled, we feel doomed. But in the spiritual life, if our desire is not fulfilled, we should have the kind of eagerness that says, "I am eager to have my desire fulfilled. I am dying to have it fulfilled. But please give me the capacity to accept Your Will in Your own Way so that I will have real joy."