We Need Politicians Here!

Three men died on the same day at the same time: the Pope, a cardinal and a politician. St Peter showed the Pope and the cardinal a tiny, but cozy place. The politician got a very beautiful palace.

Most reverentially, the Pope and the cardinal asked St Peter, "Can you please tell us how it is that the politician has such a big palace, full of comfort and light, while our little room is comfortable, but it is so small and dark. We have done so much for humanity; all along we have been praying and praying to the Saviour. Yet, this politician has told lies his entire life; he has never uttered even one truth!"

St Peter said, "Look here! We have popes. We have cardinals. But we do not have politicians in Heaven. We need politicians badly. Indeed, he is our first politician; that is why we are giving him a palace. We have no need for more popes or cardinals. Heaven needs a few politicians, because we want to have all kinds of human beings here."

This means that Heaven is for all. Heaven is not only for popes and cardinals. The heart of Heaven is so large that it can easily accommodate everybody. This is the truth.