Heaven And Hell

A Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi, a Protestant minister and a taxi driver all died on the same day at the same hour. They all went to the Gates of Heaven and saw St Peter.

The three religious men said, "How can we be at the Gates of Heaven with this silly taxi driver? What has he done? We have prayed and we have done so many good things. We have consoled people. We have lifted the consciousness of countless people. How can this silly taxi driver possibly be with us?"

St Peter said, "You have only talked about hell in your sermons. But you could never show what hell looks like. You told people that hell is so frightening, that it is such a dark place and all that. But while driving very fast, the taxi driver has shown hell to so many people. He has nearly taken away his passengers' lives. By terrifying people with his fast and careless driving, this taxi driver was able to give them the direct experience of hell. You people could only talk about hell. He actually took them there! To me he is superior. He rightly deserves to be in Heaven."