Relaxation And The Ants

A doctor said to his patient, "How am I going to cure you if you do not listen to me? You must not work so hard. I am asking you to relax and take some time off for vacation. Then only will I be able to cure you."

The patient said, "Nonsense! I am an important and very busy executive. I have no time! I am always busy."

The doctor replied, "You idiot! Have you ever seen an ant? Ants are always busy, busy. Is there any fleeting second when ants take rest? But again, ants enjoy picnics. Wherever there is a picnic, ants are always there! The ants work hard every day; but if there is a picnic, you will see that all the ants have come for relaxation."

We can learn from the ants that we have to work very hard in life. But again, relaxation is of paramount importance to inundate us with new freshness, new hope and new promise. Otherwise, if we work very, very hard day in and day out, there are many things that we will not accomplish. We must also take relaxation seriously. Even with a machine, if we use the machine continuously and do not allow the machine to rest for a couple of hours, then the machine will revolt and break down. The body is also a machine. If this machine does not get some rest after working vigorously for quite a few hours, then the body will collapse.

In every field of life, we shall do everything diligently for hours and hours. Then we need to rest and energise ourselves with new inspiration. Life needs both activity and rest. They both must go together hand in hand. Both hard work and relaxation are absolutely necessary.

With one leg we cannot walk. Activity is one leg and rest is another leg. Relaxation does not mean the negation of work. Relaxation is absolutely needed when we have played our role in our multifarious activities.

Again, relaxation is totally different from luxury or pleasure. Often we do not work for even five minutes and we still want to enjoy pleasure. But after working for eight hours, the body does need a little rest. Relaxation is also a part of God's creation. Relaxation is complementary to our hard work; it fills us with a new hope and a new promise.