The Doctor's Loving Service

There was a doctor who always treated the poor free of charge. He always went to their homes and offered them his heart's purest love, concern and care.

Once a rich man was sick and said to the doctor, "Please tell me, how much will it cost for you to take care of me? I will pay you $10,000 for the treatment."

The doctor said, "$10,000? I am not the right doctor for you. You can go to another doctor who will charge you $10,000. I am for the poor. I take care of poor patients, not rich patients."

The rich man said, "But I have heard that on rare occasions, when rich people are really suffering, you agree to treat them out of your compassion and concern."

"Yes, that is true. But I will not take any money from you! In that case, do you still want me to treat you?"

The rich man answered, "I am coming to your place for you to examine me."

The doctor said, "To my place? Whenever people are in trouble, I go to them. I do not want to compel you to come to my place just because you are in trouble. I do not want to show off. I will feel miserable if you come to me, because I will not be able to show you all my love and concern. I cannot assure you that I will be able to cure you, but I am coming to your place free of charge."

The doctor went to the rich man's house and cured him. He did not accept even a penny for treating the rich man.