Savyasachi's prediction fulfilled25

This evening I decided to do another weightlifting session. This time Unmilan loaded my dumbbells with 230 pounds on each side. I started to lift at twenty minutes to nine. First I did my seated double-arm lift and then my standing double-arm lift. Then I came to my one-arm lift with 250 pounds. I did it 25 times on each arm, but it was not my full effort. I was preserving my energy for my two-arm lift.

Finally, I came to my two-arm lift. During the day, secretly I had asked Unmilan to put 230 pounds on each side. You can see how much concentration I am using. When I take my breaths in the beginning, I am not thinking of anybody. No thought is coming. Then I was successful in lifting up 230 pounds in each arm simultaneously three times. The third lift was the best.

Savyasachi’s prediction has been fulfilled exactly four months early! I am acting like a giant!!!

MJW 102. 27 April 1999