More than satisfied1

Today I lifted 200 pounds with one arm for the first time since I resumed my weightlifting just a few days ago. First I lifted it with my right arm and then with my left arm. For some reason, my mind was telling me that it had not gone high at all and so I lifted it two more times with each arm. If I had known that it had gone so high the first time, I would not have killed myself by lifting again.

I am more than satisfied with this lift. My right arm is out, and the height of the lift is very good. Today I am 144 pounds and so this is 56 pounds over my bodyweight.

I first lifted 200 pounds with one arm on March 6th, 1986 — almost twelve years ago. At that time I was 157 pounds. Then I took rest from weightlifting for more than nine years. Now God wants me to enter into the weightlifting field once again.

MJW 30. 6 October 1998