A charming lift1

How sick I was last night! My stomach was on fire, my head was on fire. At three o'clock I slept for twenty minutes. Then I felt better. All the morning lifts I did as usual but I did not use the video. I know that if the camera is on, I will be tempted to try my best.

Later in the morning, I went to Connecticut to lift up the heaviest plane. It was 13,040 pounds. When I arrived, it was raining quite heavily and it was very cold. I was wearing my pilot's costume that Savita and Anjali gave me. Unfortunately, the boys forgot my weightlifting belt. Also, the plane was towed onto my machine before I had the chance to warm up. What can you do?

The first time I lifted the plane, the gauge went to two inches. When it was at the highest point, I released my right leg. Immediately afterwards, I went inside Dhanu's van to get warm. A television reporter arrived and begged me to lift the plane again because he had missed it. So I came out of the van and lifted the plane a second time. This time also I released my right leg.

An elephant is such a heavy, frightening thing, but a plane is charming. All our fear goes away when something is charming.

In a few hours I shall leave for Finland to inaugurate it as a Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom-Nation. So you can see how spiritual, cultural and physical things all go together.

  1. MJW 44. 11 November 1998