So many things to remember1

When I lift up 170 pounds in each arm, how many things I have to remember! First I have to turn on the lights and the two video machines. Then I give the prayer. Then I stand under the weights and meditate for a long time. You can see how deeply absorbed I am. Then I have to turn on the automatic camera. As soon as I turned on the camera this morning, it began clicking so loudly. I thought, "Time is passing!" And so I had to do my breathing and everything very quickly. Because of the camera I could not follow my usual rhythm. I had to speed up. But, in spite of the disadvantage, today's lift went higher. We are getting enlargements made.

Before I watched the video, I was worrying, worrying. Did it really go up? Until I saw it, I had absolutely no certainty. Then, when I saw it, I was so relieved.

  1. MJW 76. 19 March 1999