Scene 4

(Dhruva is now in the Madhuvana practising severe austerities. He is determined not to eat anything until he sees the lotus-feet of Lord Vishnu. As his aspiration is increasing, his inner strength is increasing too. The mountains and meadows are shaking before him with reverential awe. His power of meditation is frightening. The earth itself it wonder-struck. The dwellers in Heaven are all extremely worried. They feel that if this is the way Dhruva prays and meditates, then his power will soon far exceed their own. Indra and Yama meet together. They want to put an end to Dhruva’s penance, his austere life, his overwhelming power of meditation. They want to play a trick on Dhruva. With their occult power they take the form of Dhruva’s mother, Suniti, and enter into the grove of Madhuvana. Dhruva is in deep trance.)

SUNITI: My son, I have found you at last. I am totally lost without you. It was your presence that gave me joy; it was your presence that made my life worth living on earth. In your absence I have no one to think of me, no one to protect me, no one to care for me. Feel your mother’s heart, Dhruva. I need you. Come back with me, my son. Now that you know how to pray and meditate, come back to the palace with me. You can meditate there.

(Suniti sings.)

Madhuman me parayanam
madhumat punarayanam

(Sweet be my departure from home.
Sweet be my return.)

SUNITI: At home you can do everything you want to do. You will see the feet of Lord Vishnu. Dhruva, my darling, come. Come with me.

(Dhruva is in deep trance. He does not hear a word of his “mother’s” affectionate, loving, commanding voice. Exit Suniti.)

(Enter Indra and Yama. Since Indra and Yama failed in their first attempt, they bring all kinds of evil spirits and demons to destroy Dhruva totally. Enter demons and rakshasas. They attack Dhruva.)

INDRA AND YAMA: Eat him up, eat him up! Kill him! Destroy him, destroy him! He will surpass us — a mortal, an insignificant creature! He will surpass us if we don’t stop him from praying and meditating!

(Dhruva, still in deep trance, does not budge an inch. His gaze passes beyond, far beyond, into the very breath of the demons and rakshasas who leave in fear, frustration and disappointment.)