Scene 5

(Indra and Yama come before Lord Vishnu. They bow down to him.)

INDRA AND YAMA: O Lord, how is it that you are not fulfilling Dhruva’s desire? Can you not grant his boon? His power of meditation will soon surpass all our spiritual power. We pray to you to save us. If you don’t want to grant his boon, let us grant it. Let us go on your behalf. Let us go and please him.

LORD VISHNU: O Indra, O Yama, it is not so easy. You cannot fulfil Dhruva’s aspiration; you cannot feel his heart. He is great, he is supremely great. But I shall fulfil him, and I shall fulfil your desires as well. I shall go and ask him to stop praying and meditating. Then you will be pleased. You will still have your enormous light and power, but my Dhruva will have a life, a world of his own.

INDRA: O Lord Vishnu, as long as he does not surpass me, I will be most grateful to you. I want nobody to surpass me; I want to be the Lord of the gods, the cosmic gods. I want to remain the most powerful one here in Heaven and there on earth.

(Lord Vishnu gives Indra a delicate, soulful, blessingful and compassionate smile. Exeunt Indra and Yama.)