Scene 6

(Dhruva is in deep meditation. His whole being is meditating on the lotus-feet of Lord Vishnu. His inner being is surcharged with supernatural power. Enter Lord Vishnu with his discus, Sudarshan Chakra, his mace and his conch, a diadem on his brow. He comes with his infinite glory and stands in front of Dhruva, his dearest and greatest devotee. He places his hands on Dhruva’s devoted head. Dhruva opens his eyes with supreme astonishment. Immediately he touches the feet of Lord Vishnu.)

LORD VISHNU: My dearest, my fondest child Dhruva, I am the object of your prayer, I am the object of your meditation. I am most pleased with you; I am most proud of you. I have come here to fulfil your desires and your aspirations.

DHRUVA: My Lord, if you are really pleased with me, then you know what I want. I want only to be all the time at your lotus-feet. I am your child; I want to serve you.

(Lord Vishnu touches Dhruva’s forehead with his conch. Immediately Dhruva receives inner illumination. All the supernal qualities, the infinite divine Light, Peace and Bliss of Lord Vishnu enter into him.)

LORD VISHNU: Dhruva, my Dhruva, ask me for any boon. Immediately I shall grant it.

DHRUVA: O my Lord, my eternal Lord, you have given me everything I wanted. You have given me all that I wanted and beyond, far beyond my imagination’s flight. What more do I need?

VISHNU: No, Dhruva, I want to give you something more. I want to give you a particular place of your own. Yours will be a divine station far above the earthly world. You will become one with the real Dhruva: Dhruva Tara, the pole-star. You will sustain all the stars and other planets in their course. You will guide the aspiring, seeking, struggling world. You will show the earth the world of Light and Delight. You will be the guiding light, the pole-star. It is with you that the earth-consciousness will enter into my life of infinite Peace, Light and Bliss. Dhruva, I bring your mother back into your heart. It was she who advised you to pray to God; it was she who inspired you to come into the forest and meditate. Today all her sufferings have come to an end. In you your mother will have her supreme glory and satisfaction. Also, I bring before you the seven sages who inspired you, who helped you, who taught you how to pray and meditate. Dhruva, you have far surpassed them now. They will be all joy, all pride for you because they want someone on earth to be supremely divine, supremely unconditional, supremely great. They want someone to be my most perfect instrument, and they will now see in you my supreme manifestation.

(Enter Suniti who, seeing her dearest son, is overwhelmed with delight. She touches Lord Vishnu’s feet, then sits beside her son with enormous joy and pride, shedding tears of gratitude to Lord Vishnu.)

SUNITI: O Lord Vishnu, you have heard my son’s prayers. You are our own, our very own. Each breath of ours, each heartbeat of ours is for you.

(Vishnu offers her his brightest smile. Then the seven sages enter. Seeing Dhruva, they are overwhelmed with joy, delight and pride. One by one they touch the feet of Lord Vishnu and Dhruva.)

ALL THE SAGES: Dhruva, long, long before you were born we were praying to Lord Vishnu to see his lotus-feet. It is you who have brought down into the world before us his presence, our cherished Goal. It is because of you that we are seeing the chosen object of our adoration today. It is your prayer and meditation that has brought our Lord Vishnu here. If not for you, centuries would have passed by and we would not have seen the lotus-feet of our Lord Supreme. It is because of you that today we can kiss the golden feet of our Lord Vishnu, the eternal Lord. Dhruva, Dhruva, our hearts are all gratitude, our lives are all gratitude, our realisation is all gratitude to you, to you, to you.